• Design and development
  • Manufacturing process
  • Quality policy
  • Die casting manufacturing
  • Quality control


Excellent design team: Our design team consists of several experienced designers. Our senior engineers have been engaged in this industry for more than ten years, and have rich experience and clear, unique ideas for the design of injection molds. Our engineers have been focusing on the design and production of die casting molds for several years. At present, we have done a number of automobile mold enterprises.

We integrate CAD/CAE/CAM and other computer design systems into mold design. At present, we use the following design software: Pro-e, AutoCAD, Mastercam, Solid Work, Ug, Catia, Cimatrone, Plastic Advisor, etc.

We always believe that our design ability can meet your difficult requirements.

Process control and advanced equipment:

In the production process, we implement a comprehensive management system. Detailed procedure description: such as incoming acceptance process, unqualified product processing process, mold protection instructions, etc., make our process procedural, standardized, effectively make our quality stability.

At the same time we have advanced processing equipment:

We have CNC, accuracy is +/-0.01, we can process 1200MM*700MM template.

We have automatic lathes, the accuracy is +/-0.005, we can process ¢200MM round material.

We have spark machine, the precision is +/-0.01, can meet the smooth effect;

In addition, we have grinding machines, milling machines, drilling machines, lathes.

We have a set of mold testing equipment, we can independently test the performance of our molds in advance, to ensure that customers receive a satisfactory mold.

We have advanced testing equipment:

We have a CMM, using PC-DMIS software system, the measurement accuracy is +/-0.003.

We have 2.5 dimensional advanced design tools, processing equipment, with high-precision testing tools, so that the precision of our production mold can be well controlled within the tolerance range, the precision of our production mold can reach +/- 0.01mm.