Analysis on the selection principle of raw materials for die casting

2021-09-16 10:59

With the rapid development of die casting industry, it has become a major processing type in modern heavy processing industry. Therefore, China has very strict control over die casting processing enterprises, including product processing technology and product standards.

The selection of raw materials for casting has a direct bearing on the quality of die casting. In the processing, we know that die casting mold processing can not avoid bearing impact, vibration, friction and other external forces. So at this time, there are these raw materials, their existence can ensure that the withstand these external forces without damage, so it can be seen that it is very important to choose high-quality die casting die processing materials.

For raw material selection requirements are mainly about blanking die material, tensile die material, cold extrusion die material these three aspects of material attention, the next xiaobian will take you to see.

1, for blanking die material, generally choose the plate is relatively thin blanking die, since the material is relatively thin, so we should pay attention to its wear resistance and hardness;

2, for the purchase of tensile die material is different from the blanking die material, the choice of raw materials should pay attention to the non-bonding performance and non-adsorption performance, but also pay attention to the wear resistance and strength characteristics;

3, and then is the choice of cold extrusion raw materials, in the selection of its, we focus on the hardness of raw materials and heat resistance.

High quality processing raw materials can produce really high quality die casting products, so in the selection of processing raw materials must pay attention to the selection principle said above, to ensure the high quality of products.